Confessions from a Pastor’s Kid

When I finally decided to join VXF, I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. I had heard a couple of students mention it in passing and once tried to join a small prayer group before the pandemic sent us all home. But I had struggled with faith (still am) and was determined to figure it... Continue Reading →

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A Farewell

Graduation season is upon us! The Stories from the Vine committee is bidding farewell to two beloved seniors, Jessie and Hadley!  Their time at Vassar has come to an end and they will soon be moving on to greener pastures. The only proper way to say goodbye to these two wonderful ladies is to honor... Continue Reading →

To Live is to Love

I often receive questions (sometimes posed skeptically) from friends about what it is like for me to be a student-athlete, especially as a religious person. Usually, I don't know what to say, because it's truly a hard situation for me sometimes to be in. I deal with it on a day to day basis, so... Continue Reading →

Reflections from Abroad

Why God, Jesus, the Bible and Our Relationship with God are Real VXF's own Josh Kim writes about his current semester abroad at the University of Oxford.   The HUMAN talks with Niv Lobo at Oxford Town Hall. I had a wonderful opportunity to attend an event called HUMAN, hosted by the Oxford University Intercollegiate... Continue Reading →

Scriptures to Save

During our large group meeting on February 19th, we collected some of our group members' favorite lines of Scripture. Take a look at these verses, and maybe you'll want to save some of them for a rainy day too! "For what does the Lord require of you But to act justly Love kindly, And walk... Continue Reading →

Joy Through Suffering: James 1

The book of James is a short letter in the New Testament. Compared to some of the other letters in the Bible, James seems relatively straight-forward. It doesn’t have a lot of the long theological passages. James just gives his readers a bunch of instructions. The great thing about the Bible though is that even... Continue Reading →

Let My Sighs Give Way to Songs

On Thursday, September 27th, I stopped by my room in between classes to find that my beloved guinea pig, Francis, had passed away in his pigloo. I was devastated. For those of you that never had the pleasure of meeting Francis, he was the sweetest, most perfect guinea pig in the whole world. He was... Continue Reading →

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